About Leone

We are specialised for creating best in class ice cream experiences. We follow our vision and we believe that people with passion, dedication and motivation can work together to create state of art ice cream experiences to delight and exceed customers expectations. 

Your satisfaction with quality of our products is our top priority. Special care is taken so we can ensure our clients that each and every product is of the best quality and meets all the standards.

Our partners who come from all around the world have been putting trust in us for more than 25 years, and continue to do so. 

We can offer you a selection of our products, or we can work with you to develop new recipes. The products will be delivered with excellence, speed and precision.

You can choose from one of the widest selection of ice cream experiences with more than 1000 different ice cream products. 

Our highly automated production lines, enable us to produce the most tasty and advanced ice cream.

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