We Create and encurage

Dynamic Working Environment

Leone Careers
Mission and goals

We create and encourage dynamic working environment that aims towards professional and personal development of our co-workers. We need highly skilled co-workers to successful participate on markets and further develop production capabilities.

Why work for Leone?

You will grow together with us. Expect professional and personal progress. We are successful because of all our employees that contribute to good results with their loyalty and knowledge and help co-create the culture of innovative global company.


Dynamics and changes enable us, that we keep up and are in some cases even better than competition. We develop, employ and grow.


Company Leone is biggest exporter in the agro-processing industry in Slovenia. Our market is WORLD. We export 90% of all our products.

Knowledge and development

Together with our employees we proved that with work, knowledge and experience, we are capable of developing best in class products in extremely short time. We develop more than 200 new products a year. 

"We are successful because of all our employees that contribute to good results with their loyalty and knowledge"
Technical Development Center
Technological Development Center
General personnel department and IT

"We need co-workers that contribute their knowledge and experience to help us grow and develop."

The Recruitment Process
Entry conditions 

We need co-workers that contribute their knowledge and experience to help us grow and develop. From the education point of view we are interested in people with technological expertise in Chemical and Food Sciences, people with technical expertise (all electrotechnical professions, mechanical professions) and people with social sciences expertise (Economics, Law). But we are not looking only for formal education. Experience has taught us, that the most important things are attitude, motivation, and work ethic. We are looking for top quality personnel.

The hiring process 
  1. Specific job opening notification

  2. Review of applications of candidates

  3. Interview in the personnel office with candidates who met the conditions

  4. Second round of interviews with a narrower selection of candidates

  5. If necessary, conduct more interviews

  6. The selection of the most suitable candidate, informing the non-selected candidates

  7. Employment of selected candidate

Development and training

Every year we are increasing resources for development and trainings of our employees. It is important for the future of the company that employees are gaining and improving their existing knowledge. We are helping them with courses, internal trainings and external experts. Also the market and end buyer are a great source of knowledge.

Students and schoolchildren

Young people – elementary school, highschool and students are the biggest potential in our eyes. If you are performing in school above average and you are motivated, ambitious, resourceful and you want more – step in touch with us and together we will think, what are the possibilities for cooperation .We also love to help and advise young people, that are thinking, what professional path you wish to pursue.

Proffessional practice and summer jobs 

At Leone we offer young people the possibility to perform professional practice on the fields of Food Science, Electrical Engineering and Social Studies. We do introductory interviews with potential trainees, where we consider common options for cooperation. The best trainees can count on their first regular employment in our company.


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