Leone contact information

Company name: Incom d.o.o.

Address: Tovarniška cesta 6A, 5270 Ajdovščina

Phone: +386 5 364 39 00

Tax ID: SI 21442266

Registration Number: 5289297000


We can help you create ice cream experiences your customers will enjoy.

Step in touch with us and let us know how we can meet your business needs.

Our team of experts will be devoted to, provide you with innovative solutions, create state of art ice cream experiences to fit you need, enable your company flexible and customer oriented product, deliver on your demands with effective and efficient NPD process

Our highest priority is safety and quality of our products as determined by IFS and BRC Standards. We can also provide products which are RSPO, UTZ or BIO certified.

Step in touch with us and tell us how can we help you achieve your business goals.

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