Our Story

From humble beginnings to one of the biggest ice cream manufacturers.

It was 1991 the year Slovenia became and independent country. Our founder Andrej Slokar decided that it is time to pursue his dreams to be an ice cream maker. He founded a company and started making ice cream in his garage. His passion for testing flavours and creating smooth textures and dedication to delight people with his inventions was the reason people fell in love with his ice creams. It was the belief  that quality should not be compromised because of earnings that made his ice cream extremely popular in cafes and restaurants that serve it. Soon the word about amazingly tasty ice cream from Ajdovscina, Slovenia spread around and new and new orders started to come in, people were just not used for ice cream to taste this good.

In 1993 the company extended its product range from only catering ice creams and created now their main trademark Leone Royal Ice Cream. This new product line was meant to be sold in grocery stores and it included ice cream on sticks, ice cream in tubes and ice cream in cups.

In 2003 there was a big upgrade of production capacity. Company builded new production and business facilities measuring 4000 m2. The storage facilities now had capacity of 2.500 pallets.

In 2014 company finished investment of 7 million EUR. The demand was increasing and so it needed new production capacities and new cold storage for 6.500 pallets.

In 2016 the company started building new Technical Development Center and strated new investment for building even more production capacities and business office facilities.

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