Our Strategy

Our Business Model

Our expertise is manufacturing of great ice cream products for any taste anywhere. Our main asset is ice cream production capability, where the knowledge of our motivated expert scientists enable us to produce almost any kind of ice cream you can imagine. Our production capabilities enable us to produce  more more than 2 million ice creams per day.  We create state of art ice cream experiences that delight our consumers and business partners. We are constantly evolving our techniques and expanding our production possibilities so we meet changing demands of our customers. 


We have our own distribution trucks to enable safe delivery of our products at competitive prices all across Europe and business partners to distribute our goods safely all around the world.

Our devotion to excellence is driving great business results and constant growth of our income. The majority of income is being invested in the development of new production capabilities and ice cream innovation centre that will enable us to pioneer further in the ice cream development process.

We give special attention to sustainability. We take care of the sustainable development of local environment in the following ways:

  • We invest in scholarships for long term cooperation with primary and secondary schools and universities in the local environment to encourage young people to choose a more educated life path.

  • Supporting local family businesses and being the biggest customer of local companies from diary and agriculture field of expertise.

  • Constantly educating our employees with workshops, seminars, lecturing and practical trainings.

  • We support local and global suppliers

  • We are supporter and sponsor of different local sport clubs and associations, like local basketball club.

Our strategy is based on understanding of our customers needs. We have our offerings structured to satisfy four different customer segments.

Our customers segments

Best in class private label ice cream experience manufacture that suit any of your business need. We can create ice creams based on your recipes and ingredients demands or you can select from more than 500 private label ice creams in our private label catalog.

Own branded Leone labels of ice cream. Leone branded products are made so you can taste royal ice cream experience. Created to suit any taste and opportunity we delight our consumers with ultimate ice cream flavour.

Catering ice cream solutions. If your run Cafeteria, restaurants or any other small businesses you can use our catering solutions to enable your customers royal ice cream experience. Improve your offering with our amazingly tasty ice creams.

Specialised Leone ice cream stores. Enter the kingdom of ice cream and choose any ice cream you can imagine. In our own ice cream stores there is a wide selection of ice creams for consumers or business customers.

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