Wholesale Ice cream


Why choose us?

  • We are fast and flexible in developing products for you

  • Flat organization enable us to keep flexible production and short reaction times

  • We guarantee IFS (high level) and BRC (A+ level) Standards.

  • We enable you RSPO, UTZ, GMO Free and BIO Certificated products

  • Can create licensed shapes of ice cream (real cartoon caracters, etc.)

  • You can select from more than 600 ice cream products 

  • Our young and motivated team will be delighted to help you fulfill your needs anytime

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IFS Food – International Featured Standard – higher level

We enable you recognised standard for certifying the safety and quality of food products and production processes.

BRC Food – Certificated British Retail Consortium – grade A

Our products have and internationally recognised mark of food quality, safety and responsibility.

RSPO – Globally recognised standard for sustainable palm oil

We help to reduce the negative impacts of palm oil cultivation on the environment.

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BIO – We enable production of ice cream with organic farming standards

We promote healthy eating and caring for nature and the environment.

UTZ – Largest global program for sustainable cocoa

We help avoid serious cocoa shortages and improve the lives of farmers.

GMO Free – We enable non-genetically modified ice cream

With sustainability and health in mind we offer non GMO ice cream production.

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Quality & Awards


DLG – Gold awards 2015 – German Agricultural Society

AGRA – 2016 Gold Medal – Fair of agriculture and food – Gornja Radgona – Slovenija

Licensing award for Despicable Me – Minion Made ice cream.

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Quality Food Awards 2012 – Finalist

British – Frozen Food Federation – Award Winner for product innovation

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Our production lines enable us following production capabilities by product type:

Ice Cream on STICKS
  • 5 production lines

  • We can produce 1.000.000 sticks daily

  • We are flexible in offering you different packaging sizes

  • Different inclusions / sauces / coatings are possible

  • Special shapes – innovative technique

  • Licensed shapes are our expertise (we can design & develop a new extruder for you in 10 weeks)

Ice Cream on CONES
  • 3 production lines

  • can produce 1,2 mio cones per day

  • We are flexible in offering you different packaging sizes

  • Different crown shapes / fillers / decorations

  • We can produce 3 different cones at the same time on one line (and pack together)

Special Ice Creams
  • Fruit shells – Ice cream filled manually in natural fruit shells

  • Mousse shots

  • Deluxe mini cakes

  • Ice boats – Ice cream in a special wafer with sauce, covered with chocolate

  • Christmars stars/trees – Half / fully covered with chocolate

  • After dinner mints – One bites

Ice Cream in TUBES
  • 3 production lines for tubes

  • 50.000 pcs / day

  • Extruded ice cream

  • Volumetric filling

  • Manual Filling

Ice Cream in Cups
  • 2 production lines for cups

  • 100.000 pcs / day – 130 ml cups

Our Vision

We are constantly investing to expand our capabilities and operational excellence to help us fullfill our vision to become the best and most innovative ice cream producer.

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